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20 - 21 OctoberIstituto Italiano di Cultura di Budapest

“Commedia dell’Arte” 

Commedia dell’Arte was born in Italy in the 16th century and spread rapidly throughout Europe. In the world of Commedia dell’Arte the characters embody vices, defects, and basic feelings, thus becoming fixed-types. Their archetypal characteristics make them always current and present in nowadays world: the old miser and greedy, the young lover, the smart servant, the greedy for power, the slave totally subjected and powerless. Through these characters, timeless situations get born based on love, hatred, power, money, betrayal, deception and revelations. A universe of characters and situations, that are alive in our world today, more than ever.

“Commedia dell’Arte” today

In an increasingly technological world, human beings find themselves in a great need of occasions for human-centered social aggregation. Commedia dell'Arte is centered on human experience and on the work of the actor: through the theatrical metaphor, we can reflect on today's problems, on our personal urgency, on what we want to explore in order to create the change we hope in our own lives and in our society.

The “Servant-Master” relationship

At the beginning of Commedia dell'Arte, in the 16th century, the first performances were disputes between two characters: the servant and the master. The workshop will focus on this basic social conflict: where can we find power relationships in our lives today? How do they develop? Do they ever overturn?
We will act small scenes to explore this relationship. The aim is to search for the dynamics of power that we have in our lives and to play them through the characters.

Wearing a Mask we can allow ourselves to explore, we are free to do what we feel, even overturning power situations, mocking, transforming, changing them.

Each participant will be able to bring personal experiences in order to play this relationship, rediscovering the social, political and transforming aspect of Commedia dell'Arte and Theatre in general.

The work

- Historical introduction to Commedia dell’Arte
- Physical training (specific to Commedia dell’Arte)
- Approach to the Mask
- Attitudes of Fixed-Types (the Characters)
- Study of scenic space
- The Servant - Master relationship
- Improvisation

The workshop is an opportunity open to anyone to explore, to get immersed, to dive in the potential of the body and to rediscover childish fun. The work is based on the exploration of the world of Commedia dell'Arte and specifically on the relationship between Servant and Master, between “Power of Love and Love for Power”. Everyone will be able to face a self-discovery work that will bring into the game the specific characteristics of each. The strength of Commedia dell'Arte lies in the use of the specific experiences of each person/actor.

No previous experience is required, just willingness to explore, together with the group.

Participation Fee

The participation fee is 14.000 HUF

Early bird fee - until 8th October : 12.000 HUF

Plus-one fee  (if you bring someone with you) : 10.000 HUF

Members of the "Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Budapest" (with a valid 2017 membership) : there is a limited number of discounted places. Please write to: 

There is a limited number of partial scholarships to cover 50% of the full participation fees (no early bird/plus-one), specifically intended for social workers willing to include this training opportunity in their own human and professional experience. In order to apply for a scholarship it is requested to REGISTER on this website, and to fill the questionnaire that can be found HERE. For questions and doubts please write to: .

For everyone, there is a registration fee of 5.000 HUF to be paid upfront in order to reserve your place, via bank transfer or PayPal. Once you register you will receive an e-mail containing the details for this payment. This fee is non-refundable.

The rest of the fee will be paid on spot.


The Commedia dell'Arte workshop will take place in the historical building of the Italian Cultural Institute of Budapestlocated in Bródy Sándor utca 8, Budapest, 1088. 


The Commedia dell'Arte workshop consists of 13 working hours, in the days:

Friday 20th October: 16.00-20.30
Saturday 21st October: 10.00-19.30

The training language will be a physical, simple and easy-to-understand Italian and EnglishHungarian translation is available, please let us know in advance.

Contacts & Additional information

For additional information visit our website: .

For any doubts or question, don't hesitate to contact us:

Francesco Argenio Benaroio

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Giacomo Segulia

Giacomo Segulia graduated from the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art "Nico Pepe" in Udine, Italy. He deepens his studies in Commedia dell'Arte attending in 2013 the International Commedia dell'Arte Stage, directed by Carlo Boso. Among his professional experiences: in 2014 Machiavelli's "Mandragola" at the Avignon Off Festival 2014 directed, by G. Bonanni and C. de Maglio. In 2015 he works in "Blood Wedding", by Garcia Lorca, directed in Padua by Marco Sgrosso. In 2016 he debuted in the original Commedia dell'Arte play "La Brescia liberata" (I Comici del Savio Company). In the summer of 2016 he plays in two new productions: "Egon and Jim" of R. Crivelli (Stable Theatre of Trieste La Contrada) and Commedia dell'Arte play "Venezia Venezia" (Cantieri invisibili - Verona, directed by M. Spiazzi, dramaturgy by R. Pippa). In November 2016 he debuted in the performance "The Song and the Sling", on the figure of David Maria Turoldo, directed by Massimo Somaglino (production Css Stabile Theater of Innovation of the Fvg). Since 2015 he has been involved in the Itinerant Theatrical Pedagogy project, a specialization course for professional actors, by Giuliano Bonanni on the Stanislavski Method. He follows up by attending a masterclass by A. Vasiliev on Chekhov's "The Seagull". In 2017 he attended in Venice the high specializion Art Degree "The Actor for Arts", created by the Veneta Theatre Academy, Cini Foundation and Ca' Foscari University. In 2015 debuts with the original canvas of Commedia dell'Arte "Il Natural Segreto" (Comics of Savio Company).

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ANAMUH - Arts for Dialogue

ANAMUH is a not-for-profit social initiative aimed at establishing and sustaining a space for communitarian dialogue through the use of Theatre and Arts.

We are a group of enthusiast socially-committed artists and theatre practitioners: we believe that Theatre and Arts can make a sustainable positive change within people, in communities, in society.
We believe in Social Theatre and the enormous potential for positive social transformation that it offers, to foster inter-communitarian dialogue, to challenge stereotypes/discrimination, to build bridges among individuals and cultures.
We periodically organize and facilitate various training courses and workshops on various arts and disciplines, open to anyone willing to explore, transform, find inspiration and connection.
ANAMUH envisions a world where diverse communities know, respect and include each other, and where they grow together creating new ideas, tastes and forms of art on the basis of their own identities and cultures.